Olinka Vištica


She fell for culture when she was reading Memoirs of Hadrian for her French and English literature course at the Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Producer, former festival director, and founder of the Museum of Broken Relationships. An impassioned swimmer. To her knighthood of the Order of Arts and Letters bestowed by the French government she wouldn't mind adding another honour, perhaps a sports medal.

Dana Budisavljević


Graduated from the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts. At the turn of the century she fell in love with documentary film. First she edited and then switched to directing and producing them. Her favourite season is winter, and she most prefers the days of snow-swept streets when she can come to work in a ski suit and snow boots.

Matea Milić

Animafest producer

An art historian and Slovakist who came to Hulahop five years ago as a replacement and became absolutely irreplaceable. When she is not working as Animafest's producer, she gives hugs. To anyone.

Paola Orlić

Animafest producer

An art historian active as a freelance curator, author of papers and publications, and an active film festival organiser. Hulahop's commissioner for the supernatural and/or supporter of the Magister Bibendi Institute.

Irena Ćurin

Office and Administration

An economist from Zagreb, Hulahop's office manager and administrator. She likes fishing and fishermen's gossip. It is ill-advised to let her go to the island of Hvar because she might never return, and she once made a delicious stone soup.

Ornela Čop

Animafest production assistent

An art historian and museum studies expert. After two years of performing miracles at Animafest's hospitality office, we simply knew we couldn't let her go.
The queen of office supplies, an undercover designer and also known as Honey Bunny.