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Svečana premijera u Art-kinu Croatia u Rijeci

“Bitch, A Derogatory Term for a Woman” is coming soon to Croatian cinemas

The millennial protagonist of Tijana Zinajić’s film struggles with motivation, inspiration and menstruation

Directed by Tijana Zinajić
Cast: Liza Marijina, Tosja Flaker Berce, Anusa Kodelja, Jure Henigman
Production: December, RTV Slovenija, Gustav Film, A Atalanta D.O.O.
Slovenia, 2021


Eva is an academy-trained painter without inspiration. About to turn 27, she realises that she has not yet achieved anything at all in her entire life. She has a strange love affair with her mentor, her best friend is moving to Berlin, her pay check is three months late and above all so is her period. A hilarious and bawdy comedy about life in the doldrums.

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