We decided to start distributing our films on our own in 2012. We started humble, cooperating with a limited number of art cinemas and festivals.

Having finished The Diary of Diana B, the first feature-length fiction film produced by Hulahop, we presented ourselves as the real player on the Croatian and regional art-house distribution scene. By travelling for months with the film, visiting the audiences from big cities such as Belgrade, Ljubljana, Zagreb, and Sarajevo, to smaller island cinemas, we made a black-and-white history drama the third most-watched Croatian film in 2019 with more than 35.000 viewers. In the region, the film was seen by over 70.000 people.

The experience gathered from the tour with The Diary of Diana B and the successful model of an unconventional approach to more demanding local films created a new playground in Hulahop. We want to help Croatian and regional filmmakers get to their audience. We want to help directors, actors and producers to be actively involved in the film’s life in front of the audiences after finishing it.

In 2022 we plan to distribute a Bulgarian documentary which we are co-producers of, The Cars We Drove Into Capitalism, as well as the Slovenian hit film “Bitch, a derogatory term for a woman”.